Why You Should Digitize Your Company Records in 2019?

If you are still struggling to streamline your record management processes with physical documents, you might want to rethink about the way your company handles the records.
With the advent of secure-encryption technology, high-speed cloud servers, and high volume data feeding systems, there is no real reason for you to not digitize your company records!

In this post, we have listed some compelling reasons as to why you should digitize your company records in 2019.

Let us get started!

1. Enhance Your Information Security

Businesses, in any domain, deal with tons of paper every day. Many of them contain sensitive information related to Identity, projects, finances, research, and so on. This information, if leaked into wrong hands, can expose an organization to havoc made of business loss and lawsuits. Digitizing your documents will ensure that your company never has to face this. Scanning your physical documents into digital format will enable them to be encrypted, stored securely so that only the authorized personnel have the access to them via a Document Management System.

2. Make Your Business Future-Proof

While ‘Digitization’ is a buzz word prevailing amongst businesses and individuals alike in the country, there will be no other ‘better time’ for your company to go with the flow. Digitizing your company’s record management will ensure that your company is ready to function in a digital environment of the new-age markets. If a business follows a traditional approach for managing its records, i.e. in Paper form, then it ought to have an advanced Record Archiving/Management system at place which keeps them safe and secure in the long-run while allowing faster access to the information. Such a system will not only be organized & secure, but also cost-effective .

3. Faster Disaster Recovery

This is another rational reason to digitize your company records. Records containing sensitive and confidential information that are stored in physical format are always vulnerable to disasters and human errors. Especially, if your records are stored within the premises, they are vulnerable to mishaps like fire, floods, etc. However, in case of digital records, they are stored over the servers in remote locations with multiple backups. Even in case of a disaster or a mishap when all your critical paperwork is damaged, you can easily retrieve the backups to access crucial information at will.

4. Seamless Collaboration

Have your employees or teams faced a tough time while discussing designs, taxes, sales, or project details when they were located geographies apart? Physical records make it tedious for individuals and teams to visualize and discuss over the concerned documents. On the other hand, digital documents enable instant access, sharing, viewing and editing of records/documents of any nature.

5. Save Space & Streamline Processes

Office space is highly valuable. Every inch saved can be potentially utilized for tasks and work that add value to a company’s function. Though, in reality, storage efficiency of offices is often low. Add paper record bundles into the mix and the usable office space diminishes further. This picture changes entirely with a Digital record storage and management system.Another aspect of interest for your company will be the streamlining of record storage and other processes. With a digital infrastructure in place, you can always keep a tab on the processes and ensure accountability.

6. Cost Savings

While Physical documents cannot be replaced entirely in the near future, the way businesses organize them can certainly be disrupted with technology. And so, digitization is something that your organization must think over because of the benefits associated with it. Cost saving for record management can be viewed in two terms, i.e. the cost to preserve the documents, the cost of maintaining physical documents in presentable state, and cost involved vis-a-via risk and vulnerability. However, with Digital records, the costs are brought down to a minimum and the ROI becomes prominent in the long run.

7. Become Environment Friendly

Physical records utilize a lot of paper, so much that this over-usage of paper is resulting in serious environmental repercussions that will fall upon the future generations. Digital document storage and management ensures saving paper and ultimately millions of trees (judging by the life-cycle of an average record until it is shredded). Physical records utilize a lot of paper, so much that this over-usage of paper is resulting in serious environmental repercussions that will fall upon the future generations. Your decision to digitize your company records will not just be a step towards preserving Mother Earth, but also a strong message from your brand to the people about your business ethics.

Keep the above-mentioned reasons in mind and get your company records digitized now!

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