Large, Small, and Medium Enterprises

Starbic Business Solutions understands the different services and management technicalities that large, medium and small enterprises require in order to sort out the over-flowing data input. Enterprises run by individuals, groups, or boards employing many or few individuals and operating through a physical office or virtual, all acquire hoard of data that needs sorting and management, irrelevant of staff size or type. We at Starbic have dedicated decades of service in managing efficiently and effectively data stored over any medium and can segregate and quantify informational mess that might have been left unattended. Our efficient team members are trained and dedicated to follow instructions and requirements directed to them with professional competency guaranteed by none other in the industry.

The size of an enterprise is gauged by the following standards:

The staff size
The size of information that needs to be managed
The turn-over of the enterprise.
For managing data stored in electronic medium or physical containers, our methodologists work tirelessly to ensure consistency of service to our customers. Needless to say, Starbic is the preferred data and information management partner.

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How can We Assist?

Starbic Business Solutions offers you a versatile, end-to-end business document management system for the smooth functioning of your enterprise. Our warehouses are suitably located to ensure no danger of flooding, fire, or theft threats at any time. Additionally, they are under 24×7 CCTVs surveillance and physically guarded by experienced guards who patrol the boundary of the premises at regular intervals. Our containers are padlocked and physically transported in covered vehicles which are driven by licensed and experienced drivers with cell-phones to track their location and have fire extinguishers to prevent any mishaps.
Document storage is hassle-free and easy to operate with a dedicated and experienced team available to consult you for whatever inquiries you might have. Storage, retrieval, or shredding are secured operations undertaken by trusted and experience members of the team with

complete guidance and off-site location available. Thusly, our major quality is Customer Service. We provide a high quality service for a reasonable price that takes away the difficult burden of managing an enterprise, leaving you to develop and focus on the goals of your company.
At Starbic our belief is that with our support your enterprise will have “MORE” of:
a) Physical Space
b) Staff productivity
c) Ease in storing and handling data storage
d) Data confidentiality
, and “LESS” of:
a) Hassle in handling paperwork.
b) Stress in managing and handling information overload.
c) Overburdened and overworked Staff members.
d) Data breach or loss.


    Banking & Insurance

    In an industry where each transaction generates data or record, the management of information consumes valuable physical and personnel resources.

    Government & PSU

    The information overload at government and public sectors undertakings is an issue for both management and employees. It hinders productivity and limits efficiency by constantly delaying and obstructing work process.

    Financial Services

    The ability to utilize information and business data efficiently and strategically is of prime importance in Financial Services.



    Starbic realizes that data management services for legal firm requires a secure and leak-proof system to function properly.


    The Indian Telecom Industry is highly regulated and closely reviewed. Starbic Business Solutions has decades of experience in handling business management with leading multinational telecom industries.

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