Document Retention

Starbic Business Solutions is your partner for integrated documentation, for us that means including Document Retention, which is a crucial step of document management. To check the continuous inflow of information and to avoid the situation of information overload on company’s data storage devices, it is necessary to weed out the unimportant documents or documents that no longer need to be retained. Our document retention service helps you in numerous ways, viz:

Adhering to Legal Requirements

Various industries have different legal deadlines for retaining and storing documentation. It becomes a hassle to keep a track of all the deadlines and adhering to them seamlessly. We help to keep a track of documents along with their necessitated deadlines according to the legal requirements. Accordingly we update the company of documents that have crossed the need to be stored and can be disposed or shredded.

Industrial Integration

We, at Starbic, understand that handling and efficiently managing an industry requires concentrated amount of effort and time, therefore, we direct special attention at handling the document management so that our client can focus on the business. We collate and integrate data from all your Offices/Branches, located locally or otherwise. This way data from the farthest office cn be accessed at the HQ/ HO, any time. Further more, presenting data for meetings can easily be accessed from any branch, at any time. This significantly cuts down on time, labour, and energy loss.

Cost Effective

A strong Data Retention system strengthens your company by significantly lowering labour and time loss. Our technology aids you to process your business workflow without any breaks or productivity haults. Thus, in the long run Data Retention is profitable for the business management.

Business Complicity

We comply with the requirements that individual businesses need, in order to process smoothly. We use high grade scanners to record and save picture documents for highest clarity, we use OCR/ICR to transfer hand-written or printed texts into media files for high protection of data. We, also, remind and update the business of approaching deadlines for retaining documents and can, then, aid with secure disposal.

Uniform Implementation

Certain records like payrolls, employee data, agreements or consumer details like shipment records, order details, delivery status, have a different limit of retention than say, records of job related injuries or related illnesses. We ensure that data is stored for the minimum required time linit after which we remind or request the concerned authority to provide us with the next directives.

Data Protection

We place immense amount of attention in assuring safety and security of stored documents, be it physical or digital. We provide timely updates and data audits to keep our customers aware of their stored records. We believe that regular updates ease processing, regular reports can provide required data synopsis in easy formats.

Effective Organisation

Storing data just doesn’t mean an end to documentation, we believe that segregation and labelling data under sections can help ease retention. Different types of documents are meant to be stored for different lengths of time, cataloging helps designate which documents are to be kept and which ones to be eliminated.

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