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Starbic Business Solutions supplies, secures, and manages storage of documents. Additionally customers can, avail of Stocking and Order Fulfilment Solutions in various parts of the country with assured secure handling and adroit cataloguing of consignment in fire proof and theft proof locations. Our warehouses are competently provided with 24×7 guarding facility along with regularly monitored CCTV cameras to record any inadvertent breach in security. Our methodology is based on the desire to keep the business transaction simplistic and hassle free for all our clients. We ensure that there are no loop holes, or unclear implications that can create ambiguity for our customers.


Stocking means “to store and manage with efficient handling and incorporation”. Starbic provides Storage and Stocking facilities to companies during media events and off-site storage requirements. Stock management in our warehouses is a labelled and bar-coded procedure. We follow this procedure to reduce time loss that is usually accrued while manually looking for consignments in warehouses. Our team is committed to providing excellent Stocking and Re-Stocking facilities for storing promotional apparatus required at various locations. Though, our clients receive the highest degree of security, regardless of the size of their consignment. “Exceptional Service” is our motto and to deliver it without bias is our wont. Our warehouses are internally and externally patrolled by experienced and trained guards, regularly monitored by CCTV cameras, and kept safe from the fire or water threat by the installation of fire extinguishers and water hoses to successfully ward off any untoward incident.

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Who would benefit from it?

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Stock Management is especially useful for large scale industries and Fortune 500 Companies holding promotional events, business meetings, marketing functions, and PR Events at different geographical areas around the country. Our warehouses can store and stock equipments and paraphernalia required by our customers for such events and supply them as need be. Customers can stock posters, hoardings, handouts, standees, billboards, and other such promotional equipments in our warehouses and we can transport them as and where the event is situated. Stocking, also, helps in keeping a regular record of the number of promotional equipment that are stored, or the types of apparatus that is left or is additionally required during a given promotional event. Stock records can be updated according to the addition of paraphernalia and the requirements of the client. Stock records are meticulously maintained and can be updated without hassle. Stocking is a labour intensive procedure, however, Starbic assures that this technical and challenging task be mitigated through assisted record maintenance and storage.

Order Fulfilment

At Starbic, our primary aim is to provide our customers a complete solution service that can enhance efficiency of our clients by taking care of the preliminaries of storage. In the similar vein, we offer Order Fulfilment Solution to our clients.

Order Fulfilment Solution is a multi-level operation that covers packaging, labelling, addressing, and delivering the consignments of our customers. We have covered and strong vehicles that ensure that the heaviest consignments are delivered to and from our warehouses safely. Our drivers are trained and are provided with mobiles so that they can be immediately tracked and contacted with, in case of any event. The vehicles, too, are installed with fire extinguishers to ensure that no untoward incident can harm our clients’ consignment.

Clients can request for Order Fulfilment through our web-portal or by phone-call, and can request for the consignment to be delivered or picked up at a time of their convenience. The pick-up and/or delivery time can be fixed according to the requirements of the customer. If our clients require various consignments to be delivered at various locations, that too can be provided. Our team will pack, label, and ship the consignment to requested destinations, as and when required. Simultaneously, the Stock-record would be updated and maintained.

Regular shipments and delivery would be taken care of, and the stock records would be, simultaneously, maintained. Our team follows these steps in Order Fulfilment Solutions:(a) Secure (b) Package (c) Label (d) Address

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Following these steps, our team will inform the concerned authorities and track the delivery of the consignment. Additional security, or particular packaging for fragile equipments can also be availed of, if required.

Other Services

There are various ways in which our efficient team can catalog and store information according to their requirement and choose personalized format for accessing data.

Smart solutions for anytime access to the vital business information on the go with online document storage solutions. Our Records Management System provides high security, performance and disaster recovery abilities to your most sensitive information.

Starbic Business Solutions offers hassle-free Document digitizing solutions so that your productivity remains unaffected and the information workflow within the organization is streamlined.

Starbic protects your personnel, customers and corporate reputation from an information breach or loss, which is now a legal matter, through secure shredding.

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