Government & Public Sectors Undertaking (PSU)

The information overload at government and public sectors undertakings is an issue for both management and employees. It hinders productivity and limits efficiency by constantly delaying and obstructing work process.

At Starbic Business Solutions, we have decades of experience in managing and storing data received from all ventures into efficient and sorted categories. Our teams are trained and experienced individuals with educational backgrounds to ensure that they understand and carry out the responsibility of serving and catering the needs of the sector with regulation and punctually. Government and PSUs are already an overworked sector dealing with severe workload with a low employee rate, this means that quite frequently, data management is relegated to the background and as a result it keeps accumulating and accreting into a mess that makes work much more difficult to handle. At this stage, Starbic can efficiently handle data segregation and categorisation according to the needs and requirements of the sector.

Our various services and facilities ensure that Government and PSUs can run their day-to-day work smoothly without any hindrance occurring due to data or information detection.

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How can We Assist?

Our company provides special data storage services:

Data collating at various branches/ Centres/ Regional Centres and digitizing the same.
Using an efficient RIMS (Record and Information Service) to integrate and categorise all information.
Manage data and records securely, on or off-site, in digital or physical formats.
Categorise data into detectable and fundamental categories to ease detection.
Use highly advanced software and appliances like scanners, OCR, ICR to scan and digitise files and data efficiently.
Provide a secure Shredding Management System to dispose files.

Starbic collects data and files from various locations whenever it suits the institution and collate it together and then store it physically or virtually, as needed. Furthermore, we ease retrieval of the stored data at the institutionís convenience and offers to deliver it at the office premises or wherever the institution requires it. This cuts down crucial time-loss and costs incurred in parcelling or posting the documents. Our team is dedicated to provide flawless service to our employers. We also offer the service of shredding useless and confidential documents on on-site locations in mobile shredding vans or off-site under video surveillance as proof of securitised shredding disposal procedure.


    Banking & Insurance

    In an industry where each transaction generates data or record, the management of information consumes valuable physical and personnel resources.

    Large, Small, and Medium Enterprises

    Starbic Business Solutions understands the different services and management technicalities that large, medium and small enterprises require in order to sort out the over-flowing data input.

    Financial Services

    The ability to utilize information and business data efficiently and strategically is of prime importance in Financial Services.



    Starbic realizes that data management services for legal firm requires a secure and leak-proof system to function properly.


    The Indian Telecom Industry is highly regulated and closely reviewed. Starbic Business Solutions has decades of experience in handling business management with leading multinational telecom industries.

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