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In an industry where each transaction generates data or record, the management of information consumes valuable physical and personnel resources. Our experience in Banking and Insurance sectors makes us aware of the retention period of the records which can be from 8 years to 20 years or more, which is regulated by Regulatory Authorities of India such as Reserve bank of India for Banking and Insurance Regulatory, Securities & Exchange Board of India and Development Authority for Insurance sector.

Collaterals such as documents related to policy holder, Employee records, vendor records, financial records, pay slips, PAN and Medical Records.

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How can We Assist?

Our Data Management Solutions provide insurers with individualized accessibility to their documents in either physical storage and/or digital document management systems. This results in faster and more efficient document processing and increased productivity in their business processes. We aid your organization in increasing the processing threshold, lowering the operational costs and boosting company profitability exponentially. We, at Starbic, realize that in today’s insurance sector, providers are faced with daily requests for information from policy-holders, auditors and regulators. Retrieving and locating individual records is difficult primarily because they can be stored in multiple formats in various locations.

In addition, our project management office (PMO) can save you time and money by managing your accounts and providing thorough reports. Whether it’s providing faster, more cost-effective customer service or getting insurance data in the hands of your sales specialists, secure accessibility to information is central to an insurance organization’s day-to-day productivity. With our support, your Insurance and Banking segment can be assured of the following services:
24/7 document access and retrieval through our Document Management Systems
Increased efficiency through streamlined records storage, retrieval and access
A solution that integrates both paper document archiving and electronic data management
Guaranteed compliance with customer privacy laws through secure document shredding
Maximized office space and minimized costs through off-site records storage
So, our document management software, workflow management software, and enterprise content management systems aim to improve business workflows, and productivity. Our in-depth understanding of insurance processes and documents enable us to deliver our services consistently across all Insurance circles in India. Our services for Insurance sector include:
Records management and secure storage services
Onsite/offsite digitization and content audit at Branch and Regional centers
Content and image-based Audit
DMS enablement and hosting of images on DMS applications
Secure destruction services


    Large, Small, and Medium Enterprises

    Starbic Business Solutions understands the different services and management technicalities that large, medium and small enterprises require in order to sort out the over-flowing data input.

    Government & PSU

    The information overload at government and public sectors undertakings is an issue for both management and employees. It hinders productivity and limits efficiency by constantly delaying and obstructing work process.

    Financial Services

    The ability to utilize information and business data efficiently and strategically is of prime importance in Financial Services.


    Our country’s healthcare industry is growing at an astounding pace due to its strengthening services, coverage and increasing expenditure by the public as well private investors.


    Starbic realizes that data management services for legal firm requires a secure and leak-proof system to function properly.


    The Indian Telecom Industry is highly regulated and closely reviewed. Starbic Business Solutions has decades of experience in handling business management with leading multinational telecom industries.