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The ability to utilize information and business data efficiently and strategically is of prime importance in Financial Services. Our experience and expertise in Financial Services makes us aware of the retention period of the records which can be from 8 years to 20 years or more, which is regulated by Regulatory Authorities of India such as National Housing Board for House Financing, Reserve Bank of India for Financial system and monetary policy, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India for Financial Audit and Accounting professions and Reserve Bank of India for Financial system and monetary policy.

Collaterals such as documents related to Mortgage, Housing Loan, Loan against property, Client Registration forms and Client Registration Forms etc. can be stored with us.

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How can We Assist?

Starbic understands that Financial Institutions require 24×7 accessibility of documentation and may require retrieval any time. We also acknowledge that because of the high risk and confidentiality of the stored documents the Institution deserves greatest amount of security. Therefore, our basic premise is to offer:

High-Grade Security that includes:
24×7 Patrolling
CCTV Cameras
Access Control
Covered Vehicles
Locked and Strengthened Containers
Around the Clock Accessibility that includes:
Calling and Online Bookings
Online and On-Site Retrieval
Online and Bar-Coded Location Tracking

Starbic is also aware that Financial Sectors generate a lot of paperwork that needs to be disposed off under stern security. Starbic’s Shredding Management System enables the service while ensuring that no document is left out or is leaked. Our team of dedicated and experienced staff is trained to assist and carry out their duties with a professional concomitance.

Apart from Security, Accessibility, and Document Disposal, our clients can choose from a diverse collection of services and benefit from them simultaneously. Our assistance is valuable and indispensable in managing and easing document storage and management. Starbic provides impeccable service and efficient team members to carry out demands and meet requirements with immediacy and efficiency.


    Banking & Insurance

    In an industry where each transaction generates data or record, the management of information consumes valuable physical and personnel resources.

    Large, Small, and Medium Enterprises

    Starbic Business Solutions understands the different services and management technicalities that large, medium and small enterprises require in order to sort out the over-flowing data input.

    Government & PSU

    The information overload at government and public sectors undertakings is an issue for both management and employees. It hinders productivity and limits efficiency by constantly delaying and obstructing work process.


    Our country’s healthcare industry is growing at an astounding pace due to its strengthening services, coverage and increasing expenditure by the public as well private investors.


    Starbic realizes that data management services for legal firm requires a secure and leak-proof system to function properly.


    The Indian Telecom Industry is highly regulated and closely reviewed. Starbic Business Solutions has decades of experience in handling business management with leading multinational telecom industries.

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