On Site Record Management

Every Business faces the issue of data management and segregation. Business developers realize that cataloging and sending documents to be archived at off-site locations is not enough. Data that needs to be kept on-site also requires cataloging and proper documentation. The complete way of document management includes both, off-site and on-site management of information.

What it does?

On-site documentation procedure stocks, catalogues, and keeps a record of all your data that is required in the office premises. You need experienced and efficient individuals who understand the way data is stored in your office. Starbic employees are trained to comprehend the key requirements of the business and understand what needs to be archived where by thoroughly studying your inventorical details. We understand that documents need to be properly reviewed and catalogued before being sent to off-site locations for storage or kept on-site. We provide specialists who understands your indexing methods and can employ their expertise in consulting which documents can be required and which can be stored based on how often they are retrieved.

Starbic| Consultancy | On Site Record Management | What it does?

Who Needs It?

Starbic| Consultancy | On Site Record Management | Who needs it?

You need On-site Consultation if your business deals with regular inflow of data and records in hard-copy or digital format.
You need it if you are a Government agency, piled high with decades old data and information and are confused about how to archive and store it all.
You need it if you are a Fortune 500 Company facing data overload and are frequently relegating data storage and cataloging to the future.
You need it if you are a Business Group managing data and information all over the country at geographical locations that are situated far from each other.
You need it if you are a Chain Business and need to keep a relevant record of all your business outlets.

How It Affects You?

On-Site Consultancy eases the burden of regularly cataloging and indexing data and records. We design a method that is effective and efficient to follow and causes no work-flow hiccups. You can now be assured that your employees are free to concentrate on their respective fields rather than worrying about menial, yet crucial task of indexing. We make sure that our procedure can be easily integrated into the business process and be easy enough for everyone to handle. It serves as a boon when a specialist keeps an eye on what documents to catalogue where and what documents to index, file, and store off-site.

Starbic| Consultancy | On Site Record Management | How it affects you?

How it Benefits You?

Starbic| Consultancy | On Site Record Management | How it Benefits you?

The biggest benefit of On-Site Consultancy is Time Saved. As a business manager, we understand that most of your concentration must focus on market competition and that can only be achieved if you have more time. Starbic’s Business Solutions provides you with an opportunity to relegate and trust documentation to us while you can focus primarily on your business development. We carry out the steps of securitised management with flair, thanks to decades of experience. This way, a majority of your employees can relieve themselves of time consuming and exacting work of storage.

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