Medical Record Storage for HealthCare

Our countryís healthcare industry is growing at an astounding pace due to its strengthening services, coverage and increasing expenditure by the public as well private investors. . Our experience and expertise in Healthcare Services makes us aware of the retention period of healthcare records which can be from 5 to 20 years, which is regulated by Regulatory Authorities of India such as State Trucks Controllers, Excise Department, National Pharmaceutical Authority for Pharmacy and National Accreditation Board for Hospitals, Joint Commission International, NABL (For Labs), Medical Council of India (For Doctors to practice), Indian Nursing Council (For Nurses).

Collaterals such as Patient records and Employee records can be stored with us.

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How can We Assist?

Starbic Business Solutions has gained a wealth of experience in providing Records Management Solutions to healthcare organizations throughout India. We are completely committed to ensuring that these healthcare organizations and practitioners are fully equipped to manage the ever increasing records management challenges within the sector. We fervently believe that a healthcare organizationís profitability and quality of patient care is tied to how efficiently and securely data is accessed, processed and analyzed. Healthcare providers require greater access to data and greater visibility in their business processes in order to accomplish their tasks efficiently. To manage and process these requirements we offer the following services:

Reduce your costs while increasing security
Protect and secure your patientsí records
Digitize your patients records easily from physical to electronic health records
Provide secure storage, retrieval and access to the information you need
Deliver a complete patient record to the point of care

To comply with regulatory requirements, medical facilities often devote valuable and limited space to the storage of medical records. Most of this information will never be referenced again. Moreover, Medical Records Managers must ensure that it is readily accessible – a task made doubly difficult by the fact that there’s no way to predict which records, among the thousands inventoried, may be needed at any point in time.

Starbic Business Solutions offers a secure and reliable solution for addressing your issues of space, productivity, and responsiveness. Our experience and expertise in medical records management can help you achieve lowered overall costs, while maintaining high standards of service to physicians and administrators. You can count on Starbic systems and its technologically advanced soft wares to assist and provide adequate services.


    Banking & Insurance

    In an industry where each transaction generates data or record, the management of information consumes valuable physical and personnel resources.

    Large, Small, and Medium Enterprises

    Starbic Business Solutions understands the different services and management technicalities that large, medium and small enterprises require in order to sort out the over-flowing data input.

    Government & PSU

    The information overload at government and public sectors undertakings is an issue for both management and employees. It hinders productivity and limits efficiency by constantly delaying and obstructing work process.

    Financial Services

    The ability to utilize information and business data efficiently and strategically is of prime importance in Financial Services.


    Starbic realizes that data management services for legal firm requires a secure and leak-proof system to function properly.


    The Indian Telecom Industry is highly regulated and closely reviewed. Starbic Business Solutions has decades of experience in handling business management with leading multinational telecom industries.