Records Information Management System

The prime feature of documentation is Records Management and Information Management (RIM). At Starbic Business Solutions, we offer a structured RIM procedure, this means there are various ways in which our efficient team can catalogue and store information according to their requirement and choose personalized format for accessing data.

Record Cataloguing & Management

Data stored in physical forms can be catalogued and/ indexed as per the requirements of our client. The business world recognizes the ground-breaking impact of cataloguing, and indexing for storing data. The format introduced during the Victorian Era has now gained worldwide acceptance because of statistically easing retrieval of documents. Recently, Bar Codes have been much in demand, especially for commercial institutions. Bar Codes are much easier to generate, read and designate. Clients can request for any of the above formats to better their documentation storage.

records information management system

Secure Record Collection & Delivery

records management system

We, at Starbic, stress upon the importance of security, especially whilst handling data in digital and physical forms. There is a strict “no loss-no leak” procedure that our data methodologists follow rigorously to ensure that at no stage of our procedure, any information or client details can be stolen or be jeopardized. Our analysts have researched that the threat of a potential leak is the highest during data collection and delivery. To minimize and decimate this threat, we have designed an effective procedure that would completely negate this threat. Our customers can safely transmit data without agonizing about any data loss.

Track Your Records in Real-time

An entirely flawless feature that we have introduced is real time document tracking. This feature will equip you to always keep a track of the whereabouts of the consignment. The data, while being moved, can be tracked. Through this feature, physical data is better secured and accounted for.

Clients can analyse and assure themselves of the storage sections of physical data and ascertain its proper storage. Our Records and information management professionals ensure that you have access to the right information on the go!

record retention

Secure Document Storage

records management system

Starbic Business Solutions gives you the maximum securitised storage in the Industry. This claim is based on the fact that customer’s continuously recommend and employ our services for professional services.

Security is our prime concern while managing document with our records & information management system. Our systems are all password protected and employ high-end technology to ensure that your data is provided maximum security. Regular scans and updates are provided to track the variability of the stored data. Information, even when it is rarely accessed, is provided thorough protection and security. Our premise is to satisfy customers’ requirement and provide enhanced protection against any kind of threat.

Access Your Records Online

To provide secure access to data, clients are issued individual passwords and access details. Our technology and software experts have devised a secure and safe channel which guarantees protection to the data against any external threat.

Online access assures that clients can check, obtain, and utilize the stored data whenever they want, and wherever they want. This fluidity enables better functionality and an ease in utilizing stored data. Security to this feature that clients can work without any anxiety or worry invoked by the fear of data-loss.

records and information management system

Record Retrieval and On-Site Access

records and information management

Starbic Business Solutions understands professional requirements of our clients and has, therefore, an “unlimited access to data” policy to provide our clients with records management system. We understand that you might require copies to retrieve physically stored files. Therefore, we assure to comply with the demands and requests of our clients whenever the need arises. Our customers can avail, without any upper-limit, access to data and information stored in our warehouses with minimal hassle.

Barring necessary identification and security checks, that are necessary for ensuring safety, clients can simply access information round the clock. Minimising hassle and providing maximum security are our basic goals.

The above mentioned options are available to all our customers, and are provided to clients no matter what the size of the stored consignment. An appropriate adherence to strict regulations are followed by our team to ensure that our customers get nothing but the best of services. Our competence and an in-depth understanding of client background aid us in providing the best services in the Industry.

Other Services

Smart solutions for anytime access to the vital business information on the go with online document storage solutions. Our Records Management System provides high security, performance and disaster recovery abilities to your most sensitive information.

Starbic Business Solutions offers hassle-free Document digitizing solutions so that your productivity remains unaffected and the information workflow within the organization is streamlined.

Starbic protects your personnel, customers and corporate reputation from an information breach or loss, which is now a legal matter, through secure shredding.

We provide you with tailored order and fulfillment solutions for marketing departments within retailers, agencies, brands, printers, publishers and wholesalers.

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