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Starbic Business Solutions is a leading document shredding company and multifaceted business organizer that provides assistance in every arena of document management. Storage and Security are our specialized sections of service, however, there is, also, a great demand for Document Shredding and Disposal. The threat of data leak and internal leaks of business data has forced multiple, government and private, institutions to request for appropriate and secure methods of disposal for confidential and ineffectual records.

Document Shredding Company – Who needs it?

Fortune 500 companies, banks, hospitals, law firms especially realise the importance of necessary paper shredding services to restrain data influx an maintain a clear database whilst eliminating and disposing redundant copies, expired agreements, and decade old medical records. Similarly, Starbic is a finest document destruction company for institutions like government owned educational, banking, finance, and other such departments are expected to duly store the records cor ten years, post this period, the files and documents can be disposed off. Varied documents, like customer bills, payrolls, tax details, legal records, customer background and information, mailing lists, meeting minutes and records, targets and related details, photographic records, amenities bills, insurance details, lease and property data that are all incumbent or have been transferred to an electronic media should be and can be disposed of safely and securely. To ensure that the disposal is completely secure and enscertain that no data is leaked or lost, our team has developed a dual security procedure.

In case the consignment requires to be moved, our team, while taking the charge of the consignment, will prepare a comprehensive list of all the documents and cross-refer with the concerned authorities. They will then ensure safe transit of the consignment to the site of document shredding company, where the process will be carried out under constant vigilance of the team members. Starbic owns fully closed loaders which can be used to transport the consignment including documents that require extra protection. Convenient accessibility can encourage employees to regularly segregate documents that are incumbent into designated containers which can regularly be dispatched for shredding and disposal, this method is effective in checking the surgance of innumerable documents that eventually pile and disrupt regular work.

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Paper Shredding Services – Varied Options

paper shredding services

Our customers can also opt for on-site document disposal, where they can request for a movable shredding machine to be brought in to their office compounds, the documents can then be delivered to the site and shredded under the guidance of the official. The customers can, also, deposit the documents on their own, if they so wish, to our team members and avail of Walk-In paper shredding service at our offices.

The elementary premise of offering three venues for availing document destruction services is to help the customer designate the relevant choice according to the size of the consignment. Larger and confidential documents can be transported in locked containers that Starbic can provide, companies seeking disposal of private documents or institutions with ample area to fit shredders, can request for On-Site Disposal and Shredding.

Eco-friendly Endeavour

We, at Starbic Business Solutions, recommend Shredding to effectively dispose off the documentation, to our customers over incineration. Paper shredding services is equally effectual in destroying documentational proofs and is environment friendly at the same time. Using Shredding, our customers can easily meet their recycling goals and lower the companies’ carbon imprint. Shredding is safe, sure, and a green way of ensuring document disposal. Our customers can verily encourage sustainability by using Shredding services since it conserves the forest cover and water because shredded documents are provided to a paper-mill to produce recycled paper. Recycling is an honorable achievement and is gradually gaining desirability as more companies are looking to lower the rate of their waste production. Since documents and papers result in creating the highest rate of waste generation, recycling them will stastically improve the rate of waste generation by negating the produce. Therefore, paper shredding services benefits your business in both ways: by disposing incumbent documents and, parallely reducing waste production.

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The above mentioned options are available to all our customers, and are provided to clients no matter what the size of the stored consignment. An appropriate adherence to strict regulations are followed by our team to ensure that our customers get nothing but the best of services. Our competence and an in-depth understanding of client background aid us in providing the best services in the Industry.

Other Services

There are various ways in which our efficient team can catalog and store information according to their requirement and choose personalized format for accessing data.

Smart solutions for anytime access to the vital business information on the go with online document storage solutions. Our Records Management System provides high security, performance and disaster recovery abilities to your most sensitive information.

Starbic Business Solutions offers hassle-free Document digitizing solutions so that your productivity remains unaffected and the information workflow within the organization is streamlined.

We provide you with tailored order and fulfillment solutions for marketing departments within retailers, agencies, brands, printers, publishers and wholesalers.

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