Why Records Management Services are Required?

A Records Management Services support all the processes required in managing crucial information within an organization. Through these services, a service provider can help support a client in achieving the efficient, precise, and timely arrangement of information needed for the success of a business.

Thus, it ensures that the information is available at the right time to the right individuals, in an appropriate way. (This is crucial since document issues account for more than 21% of daily productivity loss – Tech Crunchies). It creates value and turns ordinary paper into assets rather than liabilities.

Let’s have a look at the activities involved in records management India.

How is Records Management Done?

Each record within an organization will go through few stages, managed by business policy and processes, human resources, technology systems, or a combination of these.

Activities involved in records management used by record management services in Delhi:-

  • Recognizing the information which needs to be captured.
  • Planning information for the organization.
  • Implementation of policies and practices regarding creation, maintenance, disposal of records Creating a records storage plan.
  • Providing access to the records keeping in view data privacy and data confidentiality.

Tools Used to Support Records Management

Right from enabling physical files to being shared digitally, managing endless repositories of documents etc., there are few tools to support records management functions within an organization.

Scanning Solutions – An organization usually produces many documents which need to be shared with the staff. This is why; scanning solutions offering image-based renderings are used.

Biometric Security Solutions – Biometric scanning offers an additional level of security against unauthorized access to records.

Who would benefit from using Records Management Services in India?

  • Organizations with limited office or storage space – For any emerging business, small office or storage space can be a significant hindrance. In such situations, record keeping services can be utilized effectively.
  • Organizations working under regulatory guidelines for records and information management – Certain organizations require adherence to some regulatory act which specifies requirements for working with personal information. With the help of record management companies in India an organization will stay ahead and compliant.
  • Organizations where the primary focus is not on Records Management – In several organizations, the task of off-site records management might be a supporting function to core business. The Record Management Companies in Delhi NCR can help you stay focused on your most profitable line of business while meticulously managing your important records.

Records Management Services By Starbic

We are a popular Records Management Services in India, known to provide you with easy storage, maintenance and retrieval of your business records through the off-site facilities which can be conveniently scrutinized through online access from your office.

Our computerized tracking system ensures comprehensive cataloguing, securing storage and remote access to all the files and records. Thus, we have facilities for cataloguing, indexing, retrieval, scanning and data conversion. All these facilities are fully accredited with the latest security features, guaranteeing your records stay confidential and secure.

You may make use of our secure document auditing service that evaluates your records inventory and classifies your files, thus, allowing you to determine what can be destroyed quickly. Using our services, you can reduce your in-house storage costs, reduce non-compliance risks with more stringent data protection legislation, and focus on your core competencies.

(Gartner, Inc. estimates a 40% document-related cost reduction with efficient document management systems.)

How are we different from other document and records management services?

Excluding compulsory identification and security checks, required for ensuring safety, clients can easily access information whenever they need to. To provide secure access to data, we make use of high-end technology.

There are very few offsite records storage companies which breaks down their charges into a simple, all-encompassing monthly invoice. You may find that their overall costs are concealed in the form of surcharges. This is absolutely against our business ethic. Anytime you request a records keeping or management quote from us; you would find minimal pricing.

We provide an amalgamation of high service levels and attainable savings to help you achieve a more organized records management programs solution within your company.

Get in touch to request a free, no-obligation consultation for your record management needs from our record management experts.

Other Services

Smart solutions for anytime access to the vital business information on the go with online document storage solutions. Our Records Management System provides high security, performance and disaster recovery abilities to your most sensitive information.

Starbic Business Solutions offers hassle-free Document digitizing solutions so that your productivity remains unaffected and the information workflow within the organization is streamlined.

Starbic protects your personnel, customers and corporate reputation from an information breach or loss, which is now a legal matter, through secure shredding.

We provide you with tailored order and fulfillment solutions for marketing departments within retailers, agencies, brands, printers, publishers and wholesalers.

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