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Document Management System or DMS is the necessity of the hour. Every company or start-up that employs over 10 individuals and has a client base should immediately switch to DMS to effectively catalogue and store information, advisedly from its initial stage. For flourishing companies or Fortune 500 companies, DMS is an instant necessity since it permits storage, transfer, and retrieval of information among various connected media devices or soft-wares. Documents that are all received in physical forms create a hassle in storing and filing, while simultaneously draining labor, time, and work force, notwithstanding physical space that such documents require. For large institutions, cataloguing and accessing such information during requirement is an added hassle and a major source of worry. Companies that frequently require customers to fill-up documents in hard copies ex. Surveys, property vendors, Insurance companies, Banking institutions especially loan forwarding department, hospitals, pharmacists, legal advisors, financial consultants, tender seeking agencies, employment agencies, etc. all benefit greatly from the utilization of DMS. Document management software eases workload and improves efficiency by cutting down the scope for human errors that are quite permissible especially during manual handling of documentation by removing chances of error in billing errors, double payments, and loss of crucial information that only becomes evident during a thorough audit. Carrying out such detailed audit manually is a task once a year, carrying it out monthly, or weekly is impossibility.

Document Management System Integration

Document Management System software aims to integrate documents from various sources into one database from where the user can retrieve the required information, as and when required. Users can successfully acquire information stored in various applications, or forms into one general repository and make changes, purview, or edit whenever the need arises. Integration is an important aspect of Document Management, it is the key factor that contributes in accumulating the information acquired from various sources into the electronic format and further integrating it, to offer a smooth, transitional experience while document storage.

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Document Scanning and Storage

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Using multi-function printers or scanners, documents can be uploaded to the same database, and can be saved for a future reference. These documented files can then be viewed and categorized according to the requirements of the company. Storing documents is determined by drawing some general guidelines: how long the documents need to be stored, where they can be stored, where they need to be migrate, and if it needs to be eventually destructed. These factors, together, contribute in determining if the scanned documents require a long-term space in the database or not.


Versioning is a process through which documentation stored in the database can be withdrawn and edited. The cloud based document management enables the user to track each and every change in the document in real-time. This eases the procedure of editing and saving the document and then accessing it from the same point, later. Employees need not waste time in trying to locate the last point of editing/viewing, Versioning eases the process.

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Security is the basic point of concern in Document Management Systems. Administrators can select various view-ability options and categories that would prove as a security barrier and aid in providing better safety to documents. Also, the client can choose the number or designation of people who can view particular types of documents instead of giving a free reign. Document Management Software provides an easy option of streamlining accessibility and selective viewing and editorial rights. In fact, availing Document Management Services can give you a higher ROI!

Document Indexing and Retrieval

The process of Indexing is preliminarily a support tool for retrieving documents from the Data Management Database. Indexing is designed to accommodate the various departments in the clients’ institution and helps in efficient storing and documentation. Retrieving documents from the DMS Database is, primarily, based on indexing and is processed in accordance of the system and software. Files stored and indexed under a particular field can be retrieved from the same field.

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Incorporating Document Management Solutions at work-place helps in an efficient and effective management of crucial data. It completely eliminates the need to use paper in a workplace and helps in managing a paper-free environment. Document Management System integrates and assimilates information and data from multiple sources into one structured and unified database, thus providing for an easy experience in information handling.

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There are various ways in which our efficient team can catalog and store information according to their requirement and choose personalized format for accessing data.

Starbic Business Solutions offers hassle-free Document digitizing solutions so that your productivity remains unaffected and the information workflow within the organization is streamlined.

Starbic protects your personnel, customers and corporate reputation from an information breach or loss, which is now a legal matter, through secure shredding.

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