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Starbic Business Solutions provides for its’ clients a wide range of features to ease the tedious procedure of Scanning and Digitizing the document storage. The facilities that we provide to our customers are recommended and employed by Service Providers all over the world and are universally acknowledged to be indispensable in the process of Data and Information Storage.

Document Digitization and Data Processing

In the age of digitization, the need to have information on finger-tips is a requirement rather than a luxury, and we at Starbic acknowledge this requirement through our document digitization services. To fulfil this need, we provide an option of digitising and processing physical data into digital forms. Our customers can choose to completely digitize their data or select particular segments or sectors that they require to transfer into digital format and our team would immediately comply in carrying out the requests of our clients.

Physical data is processed into digital formats and our methodologists would ensure that it is available in the easiest way possible and also demonstrate the procedure, in case our customers require assistance. Dealing with physical consignments is much easier if the data is available digitally and our team of efficient and professional experts provide total assistance.

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Customer On-Boarding and Audit

document digitization services

The Starbic team has an in-house team of experienced individuals who can guide new customers in successfully synchronizing data and information. Management issues faced during synchronising are competently eliminated without costing time or effort. An overall audit report is offered to the first-time customers to maintain a record of the available and stored data.

The procedure of streamlining and representing a complete audit of the data that the customer needs to store is provided to ensure and cross-check the information stored. Clients can choose to add or remove the information according to their requirement. Auditing and the on boarding process would be assisted by our methodologists who provide a complete guidance to our clients throughout the process, thereby easing the process of initiation. All paper work and disgust uploads would be dually checked and confirmed by our specialists.

Resourceful Smart Document Scanning

At Starbic Business Solutions, we have latest upgraded version of devices and advanced and robust softwares that provides resourceful document scanning services and insightful smart scanning. Smart scanning, in turn, actualises smart search. A technique that can help our clients to search for text portions via special images, special characters, or statistical information, as their requirements designate.

Our clients do not need to spend hours scrolling through documents to find the right information, a simple phrase or image search will cut down time list by a huge margin. Starbic systems are updated regularly and advanced softwares are acquired at frequent intervals in order to keep pace with the developments in technology that simplifies work procedures. It is a customised service that would be designed by the software development team, hired by the client, to categorically store and manage document storage. Our clients can, also, contact our Sister-Concern Software Development Company: STEADCODE, that specialises in designing such soft-wares.

document scanning and digitization services

Cloud or Data Storage

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Starbic provides the option of Cloud-Migration and Cloud Data Storage to our clients. Cloud Migration is a process that supports the transfer of company’s information, data, applications and other business elements to Cloud and ensures a seamless functionality. Likewise, clients can opt for Cloud Storage, where information would be managed and stored in the Cloud, thus, easing data mobility and access.

Our experts assure that Cloud environments are generally reliable, scalable, and dependable. The online features are, also, comparatively safer and secure and require no third-party intervention during access or updating procedure.

If needed, our document digitization services team can effortlessly migrate information from physical to digital forms to Cloud. The information stored will be duly secured and catalogued as per requirements.


Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a specialized software that translates scanned images of text, either printed or type-written, and changes them into machine encoded text. This software is used in transferring text portions from books, legal documents that are lengthy, or other technical documents into electronic files.

ICR, or Intelligent Character Storage is a specialized software in lieu of Optical Character Recognition, or OCR. This feature aids in reading and recognizing handwritten characters effectively, such that word searches or character searches in handwritten documents is made possible.

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Other Services

There are various ways in which our efficient team can catalog and store information according to their requirement and choose personalized format for accessing data.

Smart solutions for anytime access to the vital business information on the go with online document storage solutions. Our Records Management System provides high security, performance and disaster recovery abilities to your most sensitive information.

Starbic protects your personnel, customers and corporate reputation from an information breach or loss, which is now a legal matter, through secure shredding.

We provide you with tailored order and fulfillment solutions for marketing departments within retailers, agencies, brands, printers, publishers and wholesalers.

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