Ways to Cut Down Your Office Paper Use to Become a Paperless Office

Our environment is at the verge of falling to a state of irreversible damage. Imagine a world where the air is not fit to breath, fresh potable water is a rare commodity, and green ecosystem an extinct concept! This picture is a very possible future for our planet and the sheer terror it generates has compelled the authorities and corporate alike to take all measures necessary for environmental protection. In fact, if every business becomes ‘green conscious’ and contributes a little to the planet, we can very well add to the longevity of our environment.

Cutting down office paper use and adapting regular shredding are few such ‘green hacks’ that enterprises can follow. These measures are not just to preserve precious tree cover, but also multiple other benefits to the businesses.

Let us take a dive and see ways to cut down office paper use to become a paperless office.

Why Should You Cut Down Paper Use in Office?

Before you take an action, you must know the ‘why’ behind it. Here is why you should cut down paper use in office;

  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint- Manufacturing a kg of paper not just requires hundreds of liters of fresh water and Kgs of wood, but manufacturing processes that produce highly toxic pollutants. If you cut down your paper usage, you automatically reduce your Carbon footprint.
  • Save Office Space- Stacks of paper utilize significant amount of office space and storage. Reducing paper use will allow you to expand your productivity footprint within the confines of the office.
  • Reduced Overheads- Isn’t reduced cost of anything a great thing? Offices that cut down their paper use by 25-40% experience a drastic fall of 50% in their monthly office-supplies cost.
  • Secured Documents- If the records are kept in physical paper format, chances are that they are prone to damage and misplacement. Adopting a Digital Document Management System not only allows you to seamlessly access critical information, but also keeps it secure under all circumstances.

Digitizing Critical Records

Technology is always better, something that we humans have learned so far. Tech in record management is one such efficient avenue that augments a business’ information processing capability and makes its operations swift and error-free. Employing a Digital Records Management system or simply scanning & digitizing your documents can do wonders for your company.

Why Digitization?

Digitization of the existing paper records is a single-arrow solution to make your enterprise paperless’ and making information management a breeze. Digital Document Management system can be deployed on-site or off-site with multiple encrypted backups. Your office will soon become a sanctum sanctorum of organized information which is readily and securely accessible without the need for mountains of paper stacks.

Secure Shredding & Recycling

There are enterprises that operate in industries and domains that simply cannot do without paperwork. For example, Legal, Insurance, Book-keeping, Transport, etc. are some of the industries where complete digitization will take a lot of time. For such enterprises, eliminating their paper usage entirely is not possible, lest feasible.

However, it does not mean that these companies cannot contribute to the environmental preservation. They can very well do so by sticking to Secure Records Shredding, and promoting recycling.

Here is why Document Shredding is beneficial for businesses and the environment;

  • It is a Green Activity- Shredding documents ensure a small contribution towards saving our precious environment because it can be easily recycled. Once reduced to mere threads of paper, the recycling company can take them and make good use of your discarded documents, ultimately saving trees.
  • Protection from Identity theft- From financial frauds to ransom attacks and misuse of the identity to carry out crimes, Identity Theft is something that every enterprise must take seriously. Scheduled document shredding will keep your personal information and mission critical information from falling into the wrong hands.
  • It is Compliance- Businesses are accountable for any leak/thef of their sensitive client-data. Thus, regulations spanning across the geographies have their own version of the Data Protection Act. Shredding of the documents, hence, is not just a decluttering task but also compliance.

The bottom line is that both Digitization of the records and secure shredding contribute towards the environmental protection at enterprise level. Incorporate the above changes in your company’s daily operations to drive change for a better tomorrow!

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Anuj RawatWays to Cut Down Your Office Paper Use to Become a Paperless Office