This is Why Businesses are Choosing Offsite Records Storage

Businesses often find it arduous to manage their records systematically amidst the regular operations. However, they cannot overlook records management owing to its critical role in compliance, litigation and business intelligence. So, is there a secure and effective solution for Business Records Management without overwhelming your office resources? Yes; and many businesses are already leveraging its benefits. The solution is Offsite Records Storage!

In this post, you’ll get to know as to why businesses are choosing offsite Records Storage as a part of their core Records & Data management strategy.

Let us take a look!

Unparalleled Security

It is common wisdom that physical records, even digital ones, are vulnerable to malicious intents if stored in the office premises. Especially for the organizations that have no designated authorization access system, their files, folders, hard drives and other record archives can be easily stolen, misplaced or intentionally destroyed. Corporate espionage is a reality and for businesses, bulletproofing their records security is the only viable option. Offsite records storage comes in as the most viable option for businesses looking for secure and efficient management of their mission-critical records.

Seamless Control over Records & Data

While it is a commonly believed myth by the businesses that offsite records management might lead to a reduced degree of control over their records and data on time, the truth is far from it. In an office premises, files are often cluttered and arranged without scientific methodology of records curation. Hence, if a file is to be retrieved on time, employees often have a hard time locating it. Not only that leads to delayed in the critical processes, but also diffuses the actual control over the records. With an offsite Records Management service, however, the enterprises can locate and avail same day retrieval with 100% confidence. Offsite Records Management vendors use state of the art curation system with bar-code tagging to give you better control over your records while keeping them secure.

Faster Disaster Recovery & Continuity

Disasters come in masked as unnoticeable series of minor events. They can be minor, major, and even catastrophic to a business. For instance, fires, floods, earthquakes, emergency quarantines, etc. can destroy the critical documents or render them inaccessible if they are stored onsite. While physical documents are more vulnerable to physical damage, data stored over the hard-drives and servers is no more secure. Offsite records storage ensures that your records are stored in a safe location equipped with adequate measures to deal with such disasters. This in turns translates into faster recovery of critical records and business continuity at the moment’s notice.

Compliance & Risk Management

Law suits and non-compliance with the regulations are the last things a business wants to face. However, fines and penalties in the aftermath of such a debacle have sunk more businesses than you can guess. It all boils down to preservation of some highly-important records like HR Records, Legal Audits, Finance & Tax records, Accounting files, Policies, etc. It is crucial that these records be stored with utmost security as they provide great help during litigation support, compliance audits, and escalation circumstances. Offsite records management, thus, saves you the tremendous potential costs of these pitfalls and mitigates risk.

Boosted Productivity

Think of the offsite storage as an information management service that is designed to boost your productivity and overall business bottom line. Offsite records management service can boost a business’ productivity in the following ways;

  • Declutter- When your office is organized neatly, your employees can cherish the ‘declutter’ and feel much more at ease from a psychological perspective. Confident employees who know they have information access on-tap without any hassle are more productive.
  • Save Space- Every inch of your office space can be put to good use to provide value to your business and overall work environment. Why waste large storage rooms and shelves on heaps of files that make your teams anxious?
  • Streamline Operations- Got a legal matter? Need those HR Records of previous employees? Want to compare the current audit with the three-year older one? Your processes become unstoppable with offsite records management.

If information and data are critical for your enterprise operations, offsite records management will prove to be a wise investment that will give you higher ROI and value in the long run. Cheers!

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Anuj RawatThis is Why Businesses are Choosing Offsite Records Storage