Key Benefits of Off-site Document Storage You Did Not Know!

When it comes to preserving your organizational documents, physical or digital, an engineering approach to the strategy will pay-off in the long run. Though, often organizations overlook the significance of this step and usually opt for In-house document & data storage. This might work out for some, but when the disaster strikes, it is silent, every time!

In-house storage of confidential and sensitive information documents lacks ‘redundancy,’ i.e. a single point of failure can result in a big loss. Moreover, Data breaches, information stealing, and leaks have become all the more common. So what can be done to avert the risks of in-site document storage?

Easy Document Retention Management

Every document, no matter what its nature is, has a certain time frame for which it must be retained by an organization. Beyond that, it must be timely shredded or disposed-off. Though, due to day-to-day tasks and lack of a Professional Document Management team, this task gets overlooked and often untouched. Failing to properly manage your document retention can lead to breach of compliance and litigation issues!

This risk is seamlessly averted if your company’s documents are stored Off-site and is being handled by a team of dedicated Document Management Professionals. Such Information Management teams understand your operating requirements and adhere to the Retention Management guidelines for your documents as instructed.

Bulletproof Security and Protection

Remember, if you are storing sensitive & confidential documents in your office premises or a local site accessible to people, your storage is under constant risk. According to Experian, there were a total of 1579 Data breached in 2017 that exposed over 179 Million records. These losses costed the associated organizations a lot, both in terms of money and brand integrity. Security and Protection of your Documents On-site can be compromised anytime. This can be attributed not only to the human error/corruption, but also to disasters like fire floods, etc.

Off-site Document Storage services come in handy in such scenarios. Document Storage Facilities are equipped with state-of-the art record storage racks and safety systems. These safety and security systems include Fire Detection, Fire Suppression, Water & Climate-proof storage, constant surveillance and stringent authorized access to your documents.

Ease of Accessibility & Document Transfers

Locking your documents in an unbreakable secure perimeter does not mean that their accessibility will be tedious. The documents that your curate for off-site storage are easy for both the accessibility and transfer processes. If they are in digital format, only a click will do. If they are in print, the pick-up facility will ease your transfer process. You can even authorize select personnel to access the secured documents from the record center as per your company policies.

Scalability, Management & Dependability

There is no legit reason for your business team to dedicate in-house resources just to manage you physical & digital records (Unless you are a recording studio!). Off-site Document Storage gives you the ability to update, scan, duplicate, destroy, backup or recover the information remotely and even automatically. Such services will scale with your business needs in real-time. While offering these benefits, you can peacefully rely on such a service because of their expertise and professionalism.

Cost Effectiveness

It is only rational to save on the real-estate space of your office or operational premises which is otherwise covered with piles and heaps of vulnerable documents. Off-site documents storage not only gets you rid of your caret area wastage, but also tedious management of these documents. Considering the security, protection and long-term care professional Information Management companies like us provide to your organization documents, you get high cost efficiency. Moreover, the space that you save from off-site document preservation can boost productivity or expansion of your business ops.

While in-house document storage can seem like the easier and ‘safer’ option, in reality it is not (Hey! Your money is better off with banks rather than home, right?). Consult a professional service provider to preserve your records till eternity today.

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u_starbicKey Benefits of Off-site Document Storage You Did Not Know!