Why Outsource

In this Era of outsourcing, businesses find it affordable and efficient to outsource services in order to achieve high levels of functioning at low cost and no incurring charges on devices and machines. Documentation is the most cost-enduring procedure that drains any enterprise of considerable amount of work force and capital. Also, while managing documents and records, companies often fall prey to criminals and data thieves who actively seek breach in documentation to steal or appropriate confidential information. It is true that dissuading such crimes at work place is mandatory yet incurs heavy loss to the business since regularly according such tasks to employees devoids the industry of work force.

Starbic Business Solutions provides expertise consultancy and ergonomic procedure of documentation. It offers state-of-the-art machinery and trained professionals to provide an all-inclusive service at an affordable price. With our decades of experience, providing services for record management is a constant functionality of superior resources and experienced professionals.


Starbic offers RIM services at competitive price range. Our services are compliant of international standards and provide our customers an opportunity for reducing costs incurred in documenting and record keeping. Reducing managerial costs allows the funds to be used for some other use, like expansion, advertisement, or development of infrastructure.

Industries no longer need to install High definition Scanners or build separate storage units or hire security appliances and personnel for safe guarding documents and records. We provide all these facilities including picking and dropping consignments from and to locations in covered and secured vehicles.

Highly Secure

An off-site storage location secures the confidentiality of records by keeping it away from inquisitive employees or opportunist individuals. Records stored are accessible only by the concerned authority. Furthermore, consignments can be segregated such that the records kept in one section can be viewed only by their department’s authority. This eases the process of retrieval and dually secures the documents stored.

Outside breach or destruction of records by fire threat is warded off by fire-extinguishers, CCTV Cameras, 24×7 guard patrolling, and strongly built and enforced structures.

Salvage Space

The biggest issue of document storage is encroaching physical space in offices. Businesses keep accumulating documents and these records outlive their necessity soon, after this they encroach upon space and slow down the business flow. Managing documents that are no longer required actively but are required to be filed and stored is a time consuming task. We help sort through document overload and skillfully index and file records according to the requirements of the enterprise.

On digital platforms, too, we regularly store and upload data on Cloud to evade the data encroachment on your technological devices. It is now possible to function seamlessly without worrying over data overload.

Preserve Data

On-site Data Storage is also a source of problem when necessary information is disposed and useless data is protected. For any enterprise, this situation can prove to be harmful and can lead to legal complications. To avoid this situation it is important to understand why this happens. This situation can arise from a varied number of causes:

  • Misunderstanding of instructions.

  • Miscommunication among employees.

  • Overworked individuals handling the task.

  • Inefficient employees relegated the tatas.

Increased Productivity

Our current clients have stated that hiring Starbic’s services have shown an increased efficiency and productivity in business procedures. We maintain that out-sourcing document management to Starbic will drastically decrease the work pressure and relieve employees to focus on their core areas. Simultaneously, regular audits and reports forwarded to you would ascertain that authority is kept informed about the status of records management.

Starbic has professionally trained individuals with experience and industrial training in record keeping and document management. Our work procedure is set to match international standards. Our infrastructural and digital accession strengthens our services and aids us to provide the best possible facilities in the industry.

Assured Compliance

At Starbic we best understand the life of particular records and documents, having served various industries and institutions in managing information. Our record analysts keep a track of legal deadlines that are required to be followed for storing records and advise the team accordingly. This ensures that no document is disposed before the time limit, as accorded by the regulations or requested by the business authority.

After the deadline, we inform the authorities and offer shredding servics to dispose the records in a systematic and secure environment.

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